so i’m still off work, because of the superflu. i’m still really beat but definitely on the upswing. well, until my stomach just made the crazy noise that sounded like a duck saying “waaaaah” until just now i thought i was on the upswing…i’m not really sure what that noise meant…i guess we’ll see…

so for the craftiness of today’s post i’m just going to show you a cute little picture frame i made for a little girl in my class at daycare. i bought a $1 wooden unfinished frame at michael’s and used mod podge to cover it in layers and layers of tissue paper. then i hot glued letters i painted white onto the frame. simple, easy and in the long run it was less than $2 per frame. i made them for each of the kids in my class at work, but bella’s is the only picture i can seem to find right now.

later, i plan to post my recipe for chili…because we’re supposed to get a “winter storm” here tomorrow and i’ll be wishing i was making it…however the problem is, i’m not good at recipes. i tend to figure out how to make something and then i just throw it together and it’s different each time. but i have to send the recipe to kristine[i’m going to fl in 2 weeeeeeeks! weeeeeee!] so i figured when i go to my mom’s to get it, i should post it here too!

LISTENING:: new found glory-from the screen to your stereo II


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