i have the worst flu ever

so the title of this post doesn’t lie, i do in fact have the worst flu ever. tuesday evening around 8 i started feeling a little nauseous, by 10 i didn’t think i was going to bed ever cause i was stuck in the bathroom. it was awful. i was going in cycles, 15 minutes in the bathroom then 30-40 minutes in bed dozing then back to the bathroom…i ended up going to the hospital around 7am because i started having these insane cramps. the doctor told me it was because my stomach was totally empty and convulsing. they gave me compazine, a couple bags of saline and a shot of morphine for the pain. i got home around 11ish and went to bed…for 24 hours. i’m just about ready to go back to bed now. i am just totally worn out. i’m not supposed to go back to work until monday so money wise i’m goin to be screwed…again.
i want to work on the craft swaps i’m in, but i don’t have the energy and i also don’t want to get any germs on anything i’m sending out.

since i haven’t been able to do anything crafty for the last few days here is a first year bag book i made for my friend tom’s son collin!

new years
happy easter
steppin out
me and my family
me and my grandparents
daddy's future star

okay for some reason not all the pages are there, i’m not sure why…but there are some of the pages. i LOVED making this book, and i’m super proud of how it turned out.

WATCHING:: what not to wear [i want to go on this show so bad!]


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