uncreative weekends are so boring

okay, so i didn’t do anything this weekend. to be fair my sundays are all the same. i go to my mom’s house, lurk the internets and watch football. but literally, i didn’t even go anywhere, other than my mom’s. not the way i wanted this new year to start but a person can’t change overnight. if they could, people would be like penguins and mate for life.

so i decided before i try to go to sleep i should at least post SOMETHING creative i’ve done in my life, so i went on to my craftster.org account and looked through my gallery. here are pages from a wedding planner i designed for my brother and sister in law. i gave it to them christmas 2007. it’s nothing fancy, but they loved it. so therefore i am proud of it.

guest list
ceremony details
to do list
reception details
reception details2
reception music

tomorrow taylor, chris and ryan will be in town so i know there will be no crafting done. unfortunately there’s no way i can take off or get out of work early to spend time with them either, but i can’t complain too much, i’ll be seeing them in florida in a few weeks!


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