kind of a waste of a day

so i feel like i’ve wasted my saturday, because i’ve been in bed all day. i didn’t sleep well at all last night, which led to a gigantic headache. bummer. i planned to clean & craft all day, but mostly i’ve been reading craft blogs and lurking myspace. i did get up to shower, but i just put other pajamas on and got back in bed.

i had a few good conversations via text today so at least i wasn’t completely worthless today! hopefully, kristine’s ex boyfriend taylor is coming up on a spontaneous road trip with some friends tomorrow to go to ski roundtop and go snow tubing. i’m not going tubing, i hate the snow, but i’m inviting myself to hang out even though they’ll be staying with MY ex boyfriend jake. isn’t it sweet that our ex boyfriends love each other so much that taylor’s driving up from florida to play in the snow with jake?!

since i have no picture of anything worthwhile i’ve done today, here’s a picture of where i’d rather be:
santorini greece
santorini, greece–the caldera; i want to swim here.


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